Red Grape Varieties


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The Tinta Roriz grape variety, the name by which it’s commonly known in the Dão and Douro regions, has its origins in the Iberian Peninsula.

Some consider that it originated in the Aragon region, hence its name, while others claim that it stems from Rioja, where it is known as Tempranillo.

Wines made from Aragonez are typically powerful in the mouth, with a certain complexity, some acidity as well as tannins. With an initial taste of plum and wild berries, they become more complex as they mature, and are typically mild-tasting.

The variety makes world class wines and is highly productive, provided its yield is well controlled.


Relevant wine:

Barrancoa Tinto

Pato Frio Red Edition

Gáudio Classico


Touriga Nacional

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Grown across all regions of Portugal, this indigenous red grape is becoming increasingly popular.

Out of 7 new grapes selected into Bordeaux for 2021, we have the blockbuster grape in the making, Touriga Nacional.

Whilst well suited to all kinds of soil, it requires high exposure to direct sunlight and heat, it responds well to most bud sticks, as long as they match the fertility and water availability of the soil.

The usually complex and high quality wines produced, offer a powerful colour and rich palate that is round-bodied and smooth, with hints of ripe red berries; these wines are particularly well-suited for aging, especially in wood.


Relevant wine:

Barrancoa Tinto

Pato Frio Cashmere Rose


Alicante Bouschet

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Despite not being an indigenous Portuguese grape variety, Alicante Bouschet is so deep-rooted in the Alentejo collective heritage, that it is often assumed to be Portuguese. In fact it is a displaced variety, the result of conjoining the French varieties Petit Bouschet and Grenache.

It is one of the world's very few colouring grapes, able to provide concentrated, deeply coloured wines, a feature that has earned in Portugal the nickname of "Writing Ink".

Alicante Bouschet is seldom bottled as a varietal wine, reinforcing its image as a rustic, structuring grape that can produce pungent and extraordinary wines. 

The aromas it evokes are of forest berries, cocoa, chocolate, olives and vegetal notes. Alicante Bouschet is certainly our most Portuguese, non-Portuguese grape variety!

Its many wine attributes include structure, firmness and tannins and colour… lots and lots of colour!


Relevant wine: 

HMB - Alicante Bouschet 

 - (Wine enthusiast 92 points - Feb 2020)

Barrancoa Tinto

Pato Frio Red Edition

Gáudio Classico

Gáudio Reserva


Tinta Miuda

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This Mediterranean red grape of unknown origin is grown in different regions across Portugal, especially in the various DOP regions covered by the Lisbon PGI.

The vigorous grape ripens late in the year and adapts well to standard rootstocks, namely short crop cycle ones, as well as to all types of pruning, but preferably row-pruning.

It prefers a hot and dry climate, and is well-suited for a variety of soil types, although maturing might be hampered when planted in fertile wet soils; as the grapes come off easily, mechanical harvest is done easily.

The resulting, full-bodied wine – typically of excellent quality and compellingly coloured – is commonly astringent, but becomes smoother as it ages (the wine commonly ages well), making it easy on the palate and bringing out its attractive bouquet.


Relevant wine:

 Gáudio Classico